Terms and Conditions



These terms and conditions are on behalf of ACTIV Gyms and/or representing ACTIV. Referring to “ACTIV” or ” ACTIVCGYMS.COM” is a reference to ACTIV clubs and/or representing ACTIV registered in Saudi Arabia, with a registered office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia WWW.ACTIVGYMS.COM. The reference to “you”, “your”, and “yours”, and after acceptance, is a reference to the person who fills out the application form. You must be 18 years of age or older in order to become an ACTIV subscriber, and you must register on our website. If you are under 18 years of age, you are not eligible to sign up or register through our website.


Primary terms


  • This agreement commences once you have indicated your acceptance to our terms and conditions in the declaration section of the web sign-up process and clicked on the JOIN NOW button.


  • All new memberships are subject to management approval. The Administration reserves the right to reject an application for membership in ACTIV gyms and/or representing ACTIV for any reason whatsoever, at absolute


  • Your membership starts immediately or when the ACTIV branch is opened in case of pre-sale unless you have requested a late start and have received confirmation of the approved delayed start.
  • Membership valid from the moment you paid unless you apply for delay start & it’s approved through official email. All our standard membership provide access for the register club only unless official communication been sent to member with multi-access option. No transferred allowed between the clubs unless your membership is over , you can register in different club


  • This agreement will become binding on you and us and you will be entitled to enjoy all rights and privileges depending on the type of subscription you have chosen.


  • Saudi Arabia’s laws govern the terms and conditions, without regard to the conflict of principles with the laws. All disputes arising in relation to this are only considered by a competent court in Saudi Arabia.


Physical health of member


  • When accepting these terms and conditions, the member guarantees and acknowledges that he/she is in good health and does not know that he/she is intentionally unable to participate in active or strenuous exercises.


  • Members may not use any ACTIV facilities while suffering from any injuries, infectious diseases, or other diseases such as open wounds, skin scratches, open sores, or minor infections, where there is a risk of harm to the health, safety, comfort, or health status of other


Fees and charges


  • All published membership fees or other charges inclusive of all types of taxes such as The tax registration number for ACTIV gyms is 3000096456620001 and this applies to all fees from ACTIV gyms applicable under these terms and conditions. The VAT is included in your invoice.


  • “Payment” means the membership term subscription fee for ACTIV according to the option of purchased membership which is determined by the duration of the subscription when joining.
  • Our memberships are in terms of 1 month automatically renewed at the end of each term, 3, 6 & 12 months . In such a case, your card details will be saved securely for such automatic recurring payments. Payments are charged in full at the beginning of each term, upfront, and apart from cancellations in accordance with the terms. No partial fees will be refunded from the subscription fee unless you cancel within 48 hours of your membership commencement date in your first term, in accordance with the Ministry of Sports Consumer Protection guidelines for Sports and Gymnasiums.


  • Monthly “Frequent payment” or “recurring payment” means the membership monthly fees as per the selected price option will be deducted monthly as agreed by clicking purchase this will continue until such time that this is canceled.


  • If your monthly membership has been renewed, you can’t ask to refund it or cancel it under any circumstances.


  • A “joining fee” will be charged upon becoming a member. The joining fee is a one-time non-refundable payment when you sign up and is applied to cover the initial management costs associated with setting up a new subscription and allowing you to receive two free introductory sessions with a trainer.


  • During certain periods of special offers, for example, pre-opening, ACTIV management may choose, at its own discretion, to cancel or reduce joining fees.


  • The membership will automatically renew on the membership expiry date. You cannot modify the renewal payment date, but we reserve the right to modify the payment date at our own discretion.


  • The second recurring payment will be collected after your first term is completed and prior to the next term starting.


  • If any Term payment is returned or any non-payable cheque is returned or if it is not possible to pay otherwise for any reason, you must pay an administrative fee of SAR 200. Regardless of whether we notify you not to make the payment, or the additional payments or not, we have the right, at our choice, to either suspend or terminate your membership.


  • You are obliged to provide the minimum number of payments contained in your subscription. You are obliged to make every repeated payment regardless of the absence of attendance.


  • The renewal term payment date is likely to be the same as the date as that of the term commencement payment date at the beginning of your first term. In the case of joining up prior to opening, the renewal date will be the same date as the club opening date in the month of the new term commencement. You cannot modify the renewal payment date, but we reserve the right to modify the payment date at our own discretion.


  • Once you have completed the minimum number of payments as described in your subscription type, we will automatically collect renewal payments at the completion of each term.


  • All classes, including special training,  personal training and reformer pilates classes , must be paid in advance by booking through our official channels ( club, web & app ) and not directly to the trainer


  • You agree to inform us immediately of any change in your information and data as a


  • All card and personally identifiable information data and information will not be stored, sold, shared or rented to third parties


  • ACTIV takes appropriate steps to ensure that data is not pirated and secured, including through various hardware and software methodologies. However, ACTIV cannot guarantee the security of any information disclosed


  • ACTIV clubs will not give mada /credit card details to a third party


  • Customers are advised to visit this website frequently to update the changes to the site.


  • From time to time, we may need to increase the subscription price. We will give you at least one month’s advance notice regarding any increase in the incoming prices and will explain exactly when the increase will take effect and how much your subscription will cost after the increase during this period.


  • We accept payment through Mada, Visa or MasterCard credit cards, and SR credit cards for subscriptions and other products and services All online purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant commercial service providers. Please see the user agreement and the business service provider’s privacy policy before performing any transaction


  • Members must notify ACTIV immediately if the payment method for their subscription is ineffective, and they must provide an alternative before completing the contract. If not, the member will be responsible for all remaining fees and will be charged


  • Confirmation of the payment will be issued via email to the email address you provided during the registration within 24 hours of the successful completion of the payment.


  • You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your subscription account and payment



  • This contract is non-refundable for any amount under any circumstances.


  • Membership can be canceled and is refundable as per ACTIV policy within the first 48 hours of the membership becoming active which is in accordance with the Ministry of Sports Consumer Protection Document for Sports and Gymnasiums – General Provisions – Clause 4. Please note that this is applicable at the commencement of your first term only.


  • You can cancel the renewal of your membership anytime through your personal account on our website ,it shall be done 7 days before the end of the membership. Cancelation


  • If you cancel your automatic payment before the completion of your membership term, your membership will remain active until your term has been completed.


  • You can cancel the renewal of your monthly membership anytime through your personal account on our website ,it shall be done 7 days before the end of the membership. Cancelation


  • If you have purchased a monthly recurring membership, it won’t be refundable and can’t be froze


  • Personal Training  service & Reformer Pilates are non-refundable under any circumstance. Once it’s purchase the member responsibility to finalize all sessions according to session duration and in aligned with  membership period. Once membership is  non-conducted session can’t be refunded and the remain balance will be lost


Freezing policy


  • Members are allocated a set number of freeze periods based on the length of membership they have chosen at no additional cost. The freeze period is a minimum of 15 days.

1 Month membership- No freeze allowed.

3-Month Membership- 15 Days Freeze. ( 1 time )

6 Month Membership- 30 Days freeze. ( 1 time for 30 days)

12-Month Membership- 60 Days freeze. ( 1time for 60 days )


  • Once a member’s freeze period has been used, they will not be entitled to any further freeze until their membership term automatically renews. Members are advised to use their allocated freeze periods at their own discretion.


  • To freeze your membership, you must complete the required club papers or submit a request through our email (info@activclubs.com) in advance of the freeze period and receive confirmation from ACTIV via email. It is the sole responsibility of the member to request their freeze prior to absence as the back freeze is not accepted.

Classes and appointments

  • Training courses can be booked on  www.activgyms.com or activ App


  • For reasons beyond our control, class schedules are subject to change without prior notice.


  • ACTIV classes booking rules state that if the member reserves a certain spot and does not attend without notice to the club 24 hours prior to cancellation, the booking privileges for the member will be removed for a two-day period.


  • Please arrive at the classes at least 10 minutes before the start time. Late entry into classes is not permitted for health and safety reasons.


  • Please arrive to the classes at least 10 minutes before the start time. Late entry into classes is not permitted for health and safety reasons.


  • Customers arriving late for the personal training session will only receive the remaining time of the session time and the delay will not be compensated.


  • All personal training packages have an expiry period. Expiry periods are dependent on the package purchased. The term begins from the moment of first payment.


  • Payments for personal training sessions will not be refunded for any reason.


  • Sports equipment cannot be booked and are available on the basis of first come first served.

Data security


  • ACTIV takes appropriate steps to ensure that data is not pirated and secured, including through various hardware and software methodologies. However, ACTIV cannot guarantee the security of any information disclosed


  • ACTIV is not responsible for the privacy policies of the sites you are associated with. If you provide any information to a third party, different rules may apply regarding the collection and use of your personal information. You should contact these entities directly if you have any questions about their use of the information they collect from you


  • While you complete your membership process, we may collect some personal information about you, including personal data and information about your health. We will use this information for purposes including managing your membership and communicating with you
  • Access to the processing and use of your personal information will be limited to our employees and management when needed, from time to time, for use for marketing purposes or other services. In addition, from time to time, we may need to make your personal information available to third parties such as legal authorities, affiliates of our group, and professional advisors


  • We may also provide your contact information to our business partners and external parties that may contact you regarding the presentation of their products and services. Please let us know during the registration process if you do not wish to receive this information


  • Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how we use to store your personal information or if you wish to exercise your right to access, modify, object to or request the deletion of your personal


  • We reserve the right to take pictures of our facilities that may include you, provided that your appearance in the photos is accidental for press and promotion purposes.


  • We will seek to use any communication method that is appropriate for informing you about ACTIV in order to provide you with the best experience and to assume that the information you have provided is correct and the manner in which it is acceptable to provide you with this information.


  • As a member of ACTIV, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the provisions of these Terms & Conditions and agree that we may collect, use, process and disclose your personal information as described above.


 Health and Safety


  • Before starting any exercise at ACTIV facilities, all members and visitors must approve T&C’s consent that they are eligible and willing to make exercise on their own responsibilities.


  • Before starting any exercise at ACTIV facilities, all members and visitors must sign the “Members’ Health Authorization Form” at the registration site or reception.


  • Members are required to return all portable equipment and weights to their designated shelves.


  • Members who are unsure of any type of equipment should consult a staff


  • ACTIV fitness trainers and staff are allowed to prevent anyone from exercising if the member or guest is practicing in a way that may result in injury to one person and/or others. Users must comply with the directions of ACTIV instructors.


  • While all measures are taken to maintain safety standards, all equipment and facilities are fully used on the responsibility of members or guests. A staff member should be notified as soon as any equipment failure has been


  • We reserve the right to close any part of the building or to withdraw equipment because of repairs or basic maintenance. Advance notice will be given where possible to avoid inconvenience.


  • For safety and hygiene purposes, food is not allowed in any areas not intended for this.


  • Members or guests may not use facilities under the influence of medications or other mood-changing substances.


  • ACTIV has a strict no-smoking policy.

Dress rules


  • All members are required to wear appropriate sportswear when exercising and to wear simple clothes when exercising. Indecent and torn clothes, jeans, shorts, and small hats are never allowed


  • You need to wear rubber sneakers that don’t leave a mark on the floor at all times in the gym and in the group exercise studios. Sandals and slippers are not suitable for exercise


  • Members are required to wear simple and appropriate clothing at all times, including at changing places


  • Nudity is strictly not permitted, and members are required to use their designated changing compartments.




  • Temporary lockers are provided for members who take off their personal belongings upon completion of their visit. ACTIV has the right to check the cabinets and remove your remaining personal belongings in the lockers at the end of each


  • ACTIV retains unclaimed items worth more than SAR 50 for one week, after which management reserves the right to dispose of them in the manner they deem appropriate. Clothing and other similar items will be disposed of after one week; however, any valuable items will be sold periodically, all proceeds will be donated to ACTIV-nominated charities, and no claims will be accepted after this period by members or visitors. Any items worth less than SAR 50 will be disposed of Spelling mistake




  • Members and guests must treat ACTIV facilities and each other with respect; failure to comply with this order is a serious violation of the terms of the subscription and may result in the cancellation of the subscription


  • No threat, intimidation, or abusive conduct is permitted toward any employee. In the event of such matters, the subscription will be suspended immediately and all future payments will be collected immediately


  • We reserve the right to deny access to or use of facilities by anyone who behaves improperly or acts in an unacceptable manner, as determined by the ACTIV administration.


  • As a courtesy to other members, ACTIV equipment should be wiped down by members after use, and all equipment returned to its correct position.


  • Any anti-social or abusive behavior will result in the immediate cancellation of the subscription from ACTIV with the cancellation of its subscription.


  • ACTIV’s social media platforms aim to create community communication while facilitating and providing a feedback forum. Inflammatory posts, including any content that is judged by our administration at its absolute discretion as inappropriate, may be subject to corrective action, including removal of offending posts, denial of access, and cancellation of subscription as a result of


  • Good personal hygiene is mandatory, any member who causes abuse will be asked to fix the abuse or the problem or leave ACTIV and may cancel his subscription at the discretion of the ACTIV management.

ACTIV Facilities


  • The management accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to a member’s personal belongings kept in the lockers or otherwise for any reason


  • The use of mobile phones with camera features /or other types of video recordings in changing rooms is prohibited, and members are requested to ensure that they do not offend anyone else when using this equipment within the ACTIV


  • Members and guests are not allowed to bring food to the fitness center.


  • The normal hours of operation are as indicated from time to time at the ACTIV entrance or notice board. The management reserves the right to allocate hours for cleaning, decorating, special events, and holidays.


General Judgments


  • The ACTIV APP must be used by all members in order to gain access to the club.


  • Access via the ACTIV APP may only be used by the registered members themselves and any fraudulent use of the APP by the member, including the use of the APP by a third party, may result in the cancellation of the subscription with no refund made by ACTIV.


  • By joining us through a website or club, you acknowledge and undertake that you are not at least 18 years old, the customer who uses the website may not be a minor/under 18 years old and cannot register as a member and may not trade or use the site.


  • Future announcements issued by ACTIV management apply to all current and future contracts.


  • No member has the right to object to the number of members in the


  • The member cannot cancel or stop the subscription unless according to the cancel and suspension terms of the ACTIV.


  • You can see the club’s opening hours at reception as well website & social media platforms, opening hours will vary during the holidays and during the holy month of Ramadan



  • Members will not be compensated for any closure of branches due to seasonal holidays approved by the Government.


  • ACTIV reserves the right to close the club for basic maintenance, staff training, or public holidays to ensure exceptionally high standards and health, and Funds are not refunded on closing days.


  • If you violate the ACTIV Rules or these terms and conditions, ACTIV has the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect. In this case, you will be liable for all monthly unpaid payments due immediately, if you are on a fixed-term agreement, you will be charged an administrative penalty fee of SAR 200


  • The promotion and sale of personal training courses or goods of any kind are prohibited for a member, and this may lead to the immediate termination of the subscription.


  • The ACTIV management reserves the right to use any individual, group, or video images of subscribers and/or guests for journalistic or promotional purposes by ACTIV or our partners in internet, television, and print sources.


  • All members must tolerate the ACTIV rules, which can be modified and/or added from time to time at the discretion of the management.


  • The failure of the management to implement any of its rights at any time and for a period of time is not interpreted as a waiver of these rights


  • Members and/or guests are not permitted to photograph or copy any of the interior designs of the facilities, promotional materials, written logos, features, or concepts. We reserve the right to pursue legal action against any member who has distributed, participated, or provided such content to a third-party seller or


  • ACTIV will not trade with or provide any services to individuals and companies that own or operate on behalf of countries, individuals, groups and entities targeted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, such as terrorists and drug traffickers designated under the PROGRAMS of the Office of Foreign Assets Control or under a particular


  • The ACTIV website may automatically produce search results that indicate and/or are associated with third-party websites via the World Wide Web. We don’t have control over these sites or the content inside them. ACTIV does not warrant or represent that the content on these sites is accurate, legal, and/or harmless. ACTIV does not endorse the content of any third-party site, nor does it provide any commitments or guarantees regarding these sites, including that they will not contain viruses or otherwise affect your computer. By using the site to search for or link to another site, you agree and understand that you may not sue ACTIV for any damages or losses of any kind resulting from the use of your site to obtain search results or link to another site